Greetings Members of WACADA:

Thank you! It is with the most honor and pleasure I had serving as Vice President of Programs and as your President-Elect for 2019-2020. WACADA is a wonderful organization that helped me affirm my passion for advising and it is my hope you experience the same feelings as I did. Through these roles, I witnessed our growth in member engagement, vision and new ideas. I had intended to complete my term as WACADA President for 2020-2021, but when life gives you lemons, you make made lemonade. My husband was appointed to a position in Dallas, Texas; so, to support him means I have to leave Wisconsin. Feeling both excited and nervous I have to resign from my responsibility including completing my term as our President. Thankfully you all agreed to extended Aaron’s presidency term. I know the WACADA board under Aaron’s leadership will create opportunities that will help advisors ignite their passion for the profession. I am excited about the future of WACADA and the future leaders that will rise up. I care deeply for the organization and I just want to say thank you for allowing me to serve you all.

This is not good-bye but see you later. There are many college institutions but yet such a small network. Be sure to stay in touch contact with me via LinkedIn

With Gratitude,

-Tiffany M. Kelly