Being a member of WACADA means you’ll have access to several professional development opportunities.


Congratulations to our most recent grant recipients: Nichole Miller, Kelsi Meyer & Alea Cross!
You could be next! Learn more below.

Advisors are responsible to their professional role as advisors and to themselves personally. The Wisconsin Academic Advising Association is committed to assisting member participation in professional development opportunities by offering scholarships to members who wish to conduct original research or to attend classes, workshops, seminars or conferences.


  • The number of scholarship awarded is dependent upon available funding.
  • Scholarships are awarded by the WACADA Executive Board.
  • The Board may award up to $250 for each scholarship.
  • The Board must receive confirmation of acceptance of the scholarship before funds will be disbursed.


  • Applicant must be a WACADA member in good standing.
  • Previous scholarship recipients are eligible to apply, but will be considered after applicants who have not previously received a scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients will be announced in the newsletter/blog and at the annual WACADA Conference.

Application Deadline:
(Spring Funding: November 1st, Summer Funding: March 1st, Fall Funding: June 1st)

Please submit your request well in advance of the professional opportunity for which you are seeking support. Questions about this timeline should be directed to the VP of Programs (see below).

Application Submission Procedures: The individual must include the following items in the scholarship to be given full consideration:

  • Applicant contact information: name, institution, department or office, your position title, status (faculty, staff, administrator, or student), mailing address, phone, e-mail.
  • A brief description of the research or professional development activity for which this scholarship will be used.
  • An explanation about how the activity relates to advising and how it will benefit you, your department, and the students you work with.
  • An explanation about how you will share the professional development experience with colleagues at your institution, or at a seminar, workshop, or conference (such as WACADA or NACADA). Ideas to consider: Write a summary for a WACADA blog post, record a short video for WACADA social media, submit a presentation proposal for a WACADA conference or Professional Development Workshop (PDW), NACADA regional or national conference, or a NACADA publication.
  • A detailed list of budget/costs and indicate how you’re funding other portions of the activity (i.e., department support, other grants, personal funds). How much are you requesting? A maximum of $250 can be awarded, but you may request a lessor amount.

For more information contact Danielle Stertz, Past President via email at danielle.stertz@wisc.edu.