September 2022

It is September, and the time of year when college campuses again come alive with students. This is also the time of year when WACADA, the Wisconsin Academic Advising Association, hits the ground running with our annual conference. But you may be wondering what WACADA is, why being a member is important, and who should become a member. 

As a professional development organization that supports academic advisors in higher education, the simple answer is primary-role and faculty academic advisors. But there is also a more complex answer. There are many people on college campuses who support students in achieving their academic and career goals, and not all of those people are found in academic advising offices. This includes those across student and academic affairs who are passionate about good student advising; faculty; colleagues in study abroad and global education programs; those who work in accommodations, tutoring, and academic support areas; and so many more. We encourage graduate students to take advantage of our Free Student Membership! Thinking more broadly, those who work in higher education adjacent roles in technology, secondary education, and others who support students in higher education are also all welcome members of WACADA. 

WACADA supports students in reaching their academic and career goals through networking and professional development. This is an organization that is open to any members who want to learn more about academic advising, or those who want to support students for success. WACADA hosts an annual conference in September, open to members and non-members; and free professional development opportunities in the spring for all members. In addition, there are multiple opportunities to network with members throughout the year, to stay connected and get more information about academic advising. 

If you are interested in learning more about academic advising, please consider becoming a member of WACADA. As an organization, we strive to have a diverse membership from a variety of institutional types, higher education professionals, those working in a K-12 setting who want to learn more about academic advising in higher education, those who work in higher education adjacent roles, and more. The best part is that the annual membership is affordable (just $20!) and is a great way to get involved in higher education.

Ann M. Hintz
Vice President of Membership, WACADA
Director of Academic Advisement, St. Norbert College