Above: What current WACADA Executive Board members value about their time on the board.

Have you thought about joining the board but hesitated? Maybe you worry about the time commitment, maybe you are unsure it’s the right fit for you right now. Maybe you are not sure if it’s your cup of tea (or coffee…or hot cocoa!). Wherever that hesitation comes from, you have a lot to offer the board, should you decide to get involved. The WACADA Executive Board is not only excellent professional development and a formidable resume builder, the Board is a space for and a group of passionate advising professionals who value belonging, diverse perspectives, collaboration, and enrichment for all WACADA members. 

What is it like being on the Board? Let’s hear it from current board members!

What has been the most fulfilling part of being on the Board?

  • “Being able to guide WACADA and increase value in the membership”
  • “Connecting with other advisors and learning from them, especially during the pandemic”
  • “Connecting with a group of supportive people who are also passionate about advising”
  • “Connections with colleagues outside of. my own institution”
  • “Advancing WACADA in several different ways; being able to be part of the positive change in the organization as we continue to help advisors through innovative strategies.”
  • “It is really rewarding to connect with other professionals outside of my institution, to learn a lot from them, and also take time to get really creative when preparing for new initiatives and/or the next professional development event. I have stretched myself in desirable ways being a part of the board and have grown a lot. In fact, I learned so much the first time around, I wanted to get involved for a second term/position on the board!”

What advice would you give to an incoming Board member?

  • “Get excited! Have fun, and don’t get overwhelmed.”
  • “If you have doubts that you don’t have what is needed to be on the board remember that the only thing needed is a willing spirit and a desire to serve your advising community. We appreciate your time and your ability to share your gifts.”
  • “Bring your ideas and enthusiasm!”
  • “Listen intently, ask questions, enjoy!”
  • “Don’t be afraid to be the new person. You do not know what you do not know, so give yourself grace. Ask a lot of questions, as the other Exec Board members are always happy to help.”
  • “Your voice matters! All perspectives and ideas are welcome here. You are welcome to bring yourself out of your comfort zone while you are a part of the WACADA board.”

What about the time commitment?

The hours required each month varies by position and by time of year. Most positions require about 3-5 hours per month. More time may be needed around the start of a new membership year (June-July) and in the months leading up to the Annual Conference and Professional Development events. As with any large endeavor, it takes a village and the WACADA Executive Board is no exception; you can lean on your fellow Board members and committee members during the busier times. We work together to keep each other’s cups at least half full – you don’t need to pour from an empty cup!

The following positions are open for nomination for the 2022-23 election year:

  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Faculty Representative

Take a look at the Executive Board position descriptions for more information.

Not only are you welcome here, we need you! No matter your advising experience or time with WACADA, you have a lot to offer. The Executive Board is vital to maintaining the traditions of and inspiring the forward growth of WACADA overall.

Pull up a chair, fill up your cup, and nominate yourself or a colleague for one of our open positions. 

Danielle Stertz
President-Elect, WACADA
Communications and Project Coordinator at UW-Madison