Season Greetings WACADA Family,

Happy Holidays to you & your families!

Doesn’t this just sound so commercial? Though the holidays brings great joy and pressure for most of us, we tend to forget and lose sight on what’s important. Yes, giving, caring, and sharing are important during this time, but don’t we do this all year in our roles? What’s MOST important is YOU! Take some time to do the following:

  1. Celebrate YOU! It doesn’t have to be your birthday, but if it is- Happy Birthday J Dress down and take yourself to dinner or a movie.
  2. Be selfish. You can’t do this once the students come back, so enjoy it now. If you have children, well good luck with this one!
  3. Take a day to TV binge! Remember once the semester starts we will conveniently be doing work related stuff at the time of our favorite shows.
  4. DRINK! Drink lots of your favorite warm winter non-alcoholic beverages of course. Now you know this is a professional organization we cannot encourage otherwise J
  5. Lastly, SLEEP! Dream until you can’t dream no more or until your loved ones disturb you, even then revisit #2!

Whether you do all of the above, one or two things- just do something for you and you only! Plus what would family be for if they didn’t give you good advice!

Until next time, take care.