Joining WACADA offers many benefits to you and your institution. Please check around the site for all of the opportunities that await you and your WACADA membership.

Select A Level

NOTE: You do NOT have to have a PayPal account in order to pay with PayPal. You can pay using a guest account. Save time and a stamp!

Membership Only

Standard membership level for all WACADA members including academic advisors, faculty, and administrators. This level is not inclusive of conference fees.

Membership + Conference

Includes benefits of standard membership and covers fees for annual conference registration.


Membership level for all retirees. This level is not inclusive of conference fees.

Student & Retiree Conf Only

Select this level to attend the conference if you have already paid for your retiree membership, or if you have a free student membership. Please note, you may be asked to verify your student or retiree status.

Student Membership

WACADA offers a FREE Student Membership! Please note that you may be asked for proof of current enrollment.

Conference Only

WACADA Conference Registration only. This level does not include WACADA Membership. Those seeking to combine membership and conference fees should select WACADA Conference and Membership.