WACADA owns several NACADA webinars that may be borrowed by members in good standing.  The webinars run 60 to 90 minutes and are available to borrow for a two-week period. Special thanks goes out to Lisa Konkel for creating the facilitator's guides to Webinar #1, 4, and 10.

New additions added in January 2015!

Contact Angie Swenson-Holzinger at swensoan@uwec.edu to borrow a webinar.  Please indicate the number and title of the webinar you wish to borrow.

# Title Date Topic
1 Advising as Teaching (Nancy King, Kennesaw State University) 2006
2 Student Learning Outcomes: Evidence of the Teaching and learning Components of Academic Advising (Tomarra Adams) 2007
3 Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Strategies for Developing and Demonstrating Cultural Competence in Academic Advising (Blane Harding) 2007
4 Academic Advising's Integral Role in the Academic Success and Persistence of Students (Susan Campbell & Charlie Nutt) 2007
5 Legal Issues in Academic Advising (Steve Robinson) 2007
6 College Student Mental Health: Information and Suggestions for Academic Advising 2007
7 On the Horizon: The Future of Academic Advising and Technology 2007
8 Academic Advising and Support in Residential Learning Communities 2008
9 Shared Responsibilities: What Advisors and Administrators Need to Know to Better Assist GLBTQA Students 2008
10 Advisors Help Students SOAR to Academic Success: Selection, Organization, Association, and Regulation Learning Strategies are the Keys 2008
11 Swirling to a Degree: The Ups and Downs of College Transfer 2008
12 Making Career Advising Integral to Academic Advising 2008
13 Significant Conversations: The Art and Science of Communication in Transformational Advising 2008
14 Infusing Research into Practice: Multiple pathways to Conducting Research in Academic Advising 2008
15 Success with Parent Education: Dialoguing with New Students and their Parents at the Collegiate Level 2009
16 Breaking Bad News: Delivery Techniques that Help Students Make Good Alternative Choices 2010
17 Leading Forward: Technology Planning for Sustainable Advising 2011
18 Steps in Developing an Assessment Plan for Academic Advising 2011
19 Balancing Academic Advising with other Faculty Responsibilities 2014
20 Advising Strategies for Students Who are on Probation, Facing Dismissal, or Seeking Reinstatement 2013
21 Advising Transfer Students: Strategies for Today’s Realities and Tomorrow’s Challenges
22 Advising ESL & International Students 2013
23 Developing Intercultural Communication Skills for Academic Advising 2013
24 Appreciative Advising 2012
25 Ethical Decision Making in Academic Advising 2012
26 A Strengths Development Approach to Academic Advising 2011
27 Using Groups in Academic Advising 2011
28 Guide to Assessment of Academic Advising 2010