This entry-level advising position is responsible for the delivery of comprehensive academic, retention, career and transfer advising services and activities, with mentorship from a higher-level advisor. This position serves as a liaison to a school or functional area and supports the unit’s strategic goals for student access and success.  This individual delivers effective services to improve the persistence and retention rates of students.  The individual advises students to develop meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their academic, career and life goals. 

This position is housed in Student Development and Retention Services (SDRS) and works with staff, faculty and administrators from schools and units across the district. 

This position reports to the Advising Manager. 


The following duties are typically expected of this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned. 

  1. Academic Advising 
    1. Holistically advises students about career options, admission requirements, programs of study, transfer opportunities, degree requirements and overall academic planning. 
    2. Assists in the development, coordination, and presentation of information individually and in group settings (classroom visits, workshops, advising & registration events, etc.). 
    3. Serves as a SDRS advising liaison on College projects, committees and workgroups. 
    4. Resolves student questions or concerns regarding academic policy and procedures and refers to appropriate resources when necessary. 
  2. Student Retention/Case Management 
    1. Supports students in planning their educational experience including identifying academic support needs, time management and related strategies for success. 
    2. Develops academic plans for students on College SAP (Academic Alert and Probation) and students on Financial Aid SAP (Suspension). 
    3. Assists with Alerts from faculty and staff to successful resolution (assess situation, determine possible solutions); monitors progress; communicates with students and faculty; tracks Alert data, completes processing and reports. 
    4. Provides information and referrals for personal and academic support services including counseling, Veteran Resource Services, Disability Resource Services, mentoring, financial planning, employment support, first-generation services, conflict resolution, tutoring and supplemental instruction. 
    5. Utilizes developmental advising techniques and success strategies to advocate for and support the individual needs of each student. 
    6. Assists in development and facilitation of innovative, proactive retention activities and programming for both at-risk and general population students. 
    7. Promotes a culture of access, inclusivity and equity. Respects, advocates and supports the diversity of students and the college community. 
  3. Career and Employment Advising 
    1. Assists students with career exploration, decision making, education pathways, self-assessment, labor market and job search resources. 
    2. Administers and interprets career assessment data to evaluate student skills, values and interests related to their education and career goals. 
    3. Explains and interprets data (graduate employment report, labor market and wage data, etc.). 
    4. Acts as a resource and refers appropriately to local workforce development programs and resources (WorkSmart Network, Job Centers, Urban League, etc.). 
    5. Assists with classroom presentations, workshops and employment-related events (job search strategies, resumes/cover letters, mock interviews, etc.). 
  4. Record Keeping and Reporting 
    1. Enters student contacts in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system(s) and Navigate within 24 hours of contact. 
    2. Assists in preparation of reports, including monthly, quarterly, mid-year and end-or-year reports in a timely fashion. 
    3. Completes client-reporting steps for grant tracking purposes.  
  5. Technology 
    1. Troubleshoots technology problems. 
    2. Communicates with software vendors and/or technical support personnel as necessary. 
    3. Participates in and delivers training in use of technology to students and staff. 
    4. Regularly utilizes computer applications and tools (CRM, PeopleSoft, OnBase, Transfer Information System (TIS), Career Locker, Wisconsin TechConnect, Blackboard, etc.). 
  6. Marketing and Public Relations 
    1. Assists in the development of marketing materials and promotional activities. 
    2. Assists in preparation and presents information related to advising services and activities. 


  1. Knowledge of Student Development and Learning College theory and principles. 
  2. Knowledge of developmental, academic and career advising skills for liberal arts and technical/occupational program students. 
  3. Ability to learn identified school offerings, program and degree requirements, certifications and other pertinent information to deliver effective advising. 
  4. Knowledge of college enrollment management tools (i.e. People Soft). 
  5. Knowledge of CAS standards for academic and career advising and NACADA core values and their application in program delivery is essential.  
  6. Knowledge of financial aid processes and resources. 
  7. Ability to successfully support and collaborate with staff in a team-based environment. 
  8. Skilled in problem solving and resolution techniques and strategies. 
  9. Skilled in research and presentation skills and the ability to plan, promote, conduct and implement events, educational workshops, trainings and programs. 
  10. Ability to work both independently (in the PDQ, the level of independence will have to be at a lesser level, with a mentor or supervision) and in a collaborative, team-oriented environment. 
  11. Ability to establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with individuals at all levels in the organization – students, employees, and the public. 
  12. Skilled in effective communication both orally and in writing. 
  13. Demonstrated skill in cultural competence, communications and supporting individuals with diverse socio-economic and racial/ethnic backgrounds. 
  14. Ability to learn advising, career, and employment technologies and their applications (Transfer Information System, CareerLocker, Career Cruising, Wisconsin TechConnect, etc.). 
  15. Working knowledge of software such as Windows, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and web browsers. 
  16. Ability to travel to various locations within the district and work varying and flexible schedules (evenings and weekends) to meet staffing demands. 
  17. Ability to be flexible and adapt to a fast-paced, high-volume unit with a commitment to excellent student service and professional development. 



  1. Minimum Educational Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in education, counseling, psychology, social work, or a related field. 
  2. One year (2000 hours) of directly related work or volunteer experience in a post-secondary academic, retention, career and/or transfer advising setting or student affairs related setting. 
  3. Completion of Global Career Development training within twelve months of employment (this training is currently provided in-house at the college).